Who Invented Foxes?
News: After almost six months of operation and many dozens of rejections, we have finally received our first real submission from the WIF Android app!
Posted by Wrongfellow on 11 May 2015.
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I think there is something wrong with your eyes, I haven't been able to get them off of you all evening
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I would have suggested grapefruit spoons, but the chatup line was creepy enough as it was without adding weaponry to the mix
    Posted by poppy on 20 May 2011.

University of Leicester study proves broken bottles can be used to stab people:

"..broken glass bottles can be used as an effective stabbing weapon and the results of the study have reaffirmed this" said Mr Nolan.
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Everyone knows that scientists insist upon using complex terminology to make it harder for Christians to refute their claims. Take deoxyribonucleic acid for example. Sounds impressive, right? Do you know what happens when you put something in acid? It dissolves. If our bodies were full of that acid like they claim, we'd all dissolve.

From a fundamentalist Christian forum

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Excellent! Must remember to check a few fundamentalist websites, they're surely fertile hunting ground for Foxes. Though obviously we should be careful - we don't want to incur divine wrath and go to Hell.
    Posted by JT on 22 Apr 2011.

Don't go getting breast enhancements as a means to deflect a possible incoming bullet.

(Sound advice from Scott Reitz, a firearms instructor and deadly-force expert witness in the LAPD)
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I wasn't aware my wife was working because her hours of work coincided with the times I spent in the garden shed.

Excuse given by a benefit fraud
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A Pets at Home customer's review of Giant Rabbits

Pros: great
Cons: bulky
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...they [muslims] are trying to put their law on us. You've got muslamic ray guns now and that can't happen...

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    Posted by Wrongfellow on 9 Jul 2011.

Girls' schools still offering 'something special' - head

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A prisoner ... has apparently been issued an official warning after the warden decided that the man's repeated episodes of flatulence in fact represented "a series of concerted attacks" on prison staff.
    (From http://www.loweringthebar.net/2010/03...)
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A colleague on the phone to Tech Support in Manilla says: sorry for the dirty monitor, I'd have dusted it if I had known you were going to remotely access my computer today.
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Tabak was charged with murdering Yeates some time between 16 December and 26 December. She disappeared on 17 December and her body was discovered on Christmas Day.

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From the Guardian http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/2011/jan...
    Posted by poppy on 24 Jan 2011.
Should we perhaps have a "News" category too?
    Posted by JT on 24 Jan 2011.
Yes, I think we should. Hey, Poppy, you got us to create a category, so you can pretend it's yours if you like :)
    Posted by Wrongfellow on 25 Jan 2011.

on the dangers of Russia drilling down to a lake under antarctica:
"if they drill too deep they'll hit the core and let out all the gravity"

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Although I am really hoping the guy's a troll.
    Posted by poppy on 9 May 2013.

Colleague: Emma, can you come and help me? How do you get on the Australia section of facebook? Or can you only see when you are in Australia?
Me: ...
Colleague: Oh, am I being stupid? Is Facebook a UK only site?
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Colleague to me (I am dressed in a long dress as Ophelia): Nice! Where's your unicorn?
Me: ...
Colleague: You're the naked lady, aren't you? Lady Godiva?
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