Who Invented Foxes?
News: After almost six months of operation and many dozens of rejections, we have finally received our first real submission from the WIF Android app!
Posted by Wrongfellow on 11 May 2015.
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Some of the stuff we've received is just so far out there that it doesn't really fit into any particular category. These utter gems of idiocy live here.

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"Look at his socks and shoes. They appear to be crying."
    Posted by Wrongfellow on 20 Jun 2015. + (0) - (0) Permalink

When a narwhal bacons no one knows what it means but when you eat bacon they know everything.

    Posted by fred on 10 May 2015. + (1) - (0) Permalink

"I just realised I haven't asked to see her ring"
    Posted by fred on 12 Apr 2015. + (0) - (0) Permalink

"There's something fundamentally moist about my kitchen"
    Posted by fred on 10 Apr 2015. + (0) - (0) Permalink

"Maybe I need a more mature way of dealing with noses."
    Posted by fred on 6 Mar 2015. + (0) - (0) Permalink

"It's not red! It's dark pink."
    Posted by fred on 15 Jan 2015. + (0) - (0) Permalink

"I found an ostrich. It's called my headphones."
    Posted by Wrongfellow on 16 Dec 2014. + (0) - (0) Permalink

"A vet report advised that the stomach would be a completely unsuitable place for a goldfish"
    Posted by Wrongfellow on 22 Apr 2014. + (0) - (0) Permalink

"What kind of wood is that?"

"Some kind of renewable wood."
    Posted by Wrongfellow on 16 Apr 2014. + (0) - (0) Permalink

"Oxford is, like, a desolate wasteland of entomology"
    Posted by Wrongfellow on 11 Apr 2014. + (0) - (0) Permalink