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Posted by Wrongfellow on 27 Sep 2014.
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We can all say stupid things at times. But have you ever heard someone say something so overwhelmingly, mind-numbingly, face-palmingly stupid that you felt the urge to share it with the whole world? We have. That's why we invented WhoInventedFoxes.com.

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Girl on bus roughly aged 16 "if a head lice jumps on my cat will it become a flee or is it the otheway round?" Mum "I don't know aks dem at skool I never listerned"
    Posted by peterh197 on 9 Oct 2014. + (0) - (0) Permalink

"Society is like a human orgasm"
    Posted by Wrongfellow on 5 Dec 2012. + (0) - (0) Permalink

"Do you know any good roleplaying games with dwarfs, elves and milfs?"
    Posted by JT on 9 Dec 2009. + (6) - (0) Permalink
    Posted by Tiger on 12 Dec 2010.

"Is it true that polar bears dissolve in water? I heard the reason they're endangered is because when the ice melts, they fall into the water and dissolve."
    Posted by JT on 26 Oct 2009. + (12) - (0) Permalink
Superb! I'm almost tempted to rewrite the voting system just so I can vote for this quote more than once. ;)
    Posted by Wrongfellow on 26 Oct 2009.
God, that's funny.
    Posted by Socky on 26 Oct 2009.
Epic... Simply Epic.
    Posted by Moosh on 14 Nov 2009.
At least he's not referring to poachers...
    Posted by Tiger on 15 Dec 2009.
They dissolve into Polar Kool Aid.
    Posted by Lollipop on 2 Jul 2011.

"In my head the cleaners are all robots"
    Posted by Wrongfellow on 30 Apr 2013. + (0) - (0) Permalink
The "Out of Context" category becomes more and more tempting.
    Posted by Wrongfellow on 30 Apr 2013.

"Who did England fight in the English Civil War?"
    Posted by JT on 11 Jan 2010. + (7) - (0) Permalink
Poles and Pakistanis, obviously :)
    Posted by Moosh on 11 Jan 2010.

"Your brain isn't real. It's actually a giant fungus that controls everything."
    Posted by Wrongfellow on 28 Dec 2012. + (0) - (0) Permalink
I don't see how this is stupid. In fact, I'm convinced it's correct.
    Posted by JT on 7 Jan 2013.

"Since I was a young child I've known I was a genus."
    Posted by Wrongfellow on 4 Jul 2013. + (0) - (0) Permalink

"Churchill wasn't really very pro-German, was he?"
    Posted by Wrongfellow on 13 Aug 2014. + (0) - (0) Permalink

"Breastmilk, people. That is literally all a child needs for the first 6-12 years of life."
    Posted by Wrongfellow on 14 May 2014. + (0) - (0) Permalink
Of course, the evil medical establishment recommends weaning them onto solid food a little earlier than that, but what do they know?
    Posted by Wrongfellow on 14 May 2014.