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News: After almost six months of operation and many dozens of rejections, we have finally received our first real submission from the WIF Android app!
Posted by Wrongfellow on 11 May 2015.
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Tourists are often the source of some of the best unintentional witticisms going. Tell us what all those silly foreigners said in this category.

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"We bought 'Ray-Ban' sunglasses for five euros (£3.50) from a street trader, only to find out they were fake." (Tourist complaint to travel agency)
    Posted by JT on 15 Sep 2009. + (2) - (0) Permalink
Hmm. A "Complaints" category, perhaps?
    Posted by JT on 15 Sep 2009.
But called what? People will assume "Complaints" is what they need to click if they want to complain about WIF...
    Posted by JT on 15 Sep 2009.
I think it fits in "Travel" with the other recent submissions.
    Posted by Wrongfellow on 15 Sep 2009.
Fair enough - but I think there might be a place for it in the future, because shop staff and sales assistants have to meet the public face-to-face far more than anyone would choose so we may get several submissions of that type in future.
    Posted by JT on 15 Sep 2009.

Tourist: "Which side of the River Thames is Tower Bridge on?"
    Posted by JT on 18 Sep 2009. + (4) - (0) Permalink
On the side of the Tower.
    Posted by Socky on 20 Sep 2009.

Tourist in Canadian park: "How do the elk know they're supposed to cross at the "Elk Crossing" signs?"
    Posted by JT on 18 Sep 2009. + (4) - (0) Permalink
Well, it helps that there's a sign there to tell them.
    Posted by Wrongfellow on 18 Sep 2009.
Very considerate towards elk, are the Canadians.
    Posted by JT on 20 Sep 2009.

"Was this man-made?" (Tourist at the Grand Canyon National Park)
    Posted by JT on 15 Sep 2009. + (3) - (0) Permalink
Why, yes! A long lost civilization constructed this huge canyon for no apparent reason. Archeologists are still trying to figure out the canyon's purpose.
    Posted by Socky on 3 Jan 2010.

"Kenya and Africa are the same thing, I always thought...geography isn't my strongpoint." - Overheard vicar (!) in an Indian restaurant
    Posted by JT on 29 Apr 2010. + (6) - (0) Permalink
I heard that America and the world are the same thing, too.
    Posted by Wrongfellow on 29 Apr 2010.
I heard that France and Transylvania are the same thing.
    Posted by CheddarBBQ on 29 Apr 2010.
Nah, can't be. The natives have vastly differing attitudes to garlic.
    Posted by Wrongfellow on 30 Apr 2010.
    Posted by JT on 30 Apr 2010.

Tourist in a Toronto giftshop: "Do your Canadian flags come in any other colours?"
    Posted by JT on 20 Sep 2009. + (4) - (0) Permalink

"On my holiday to Goa in India, I was disgusted to find that almost every restaurant served curry. I don't like spicy food at all." (Tourist complaint)
    Posted by JT on 15 Sep 2009. + (3) - (0) Permalink
Do you think we might need a "Travel" category too...?
    Posted by JT on 15 Sep 2009.

"In wikipedia i saw TGV connects london and paris too. how? Britain is separated from france by a water body...?"
    Posted by JT on 18 Mar 2010. + (5) - (0) Permalink
The thing that amazes me with this quote is not the poor grammar or the poor punctuation or even that the person asking it is unaware of the existence of the Channel Tunnel, but that anybody capable of making those mistakes/not knowing that can then spell "separated" correctly when so few people can.
    Posted by JT on 18 Mar 2010.
What do you mean? Everyone knows it's spelled "seperated."
    Posted by Necropaxx on 28 Mar 2010.

"I loved Africa, there were so many African Americans there." (answer to "What are African Americans called in another country?" )
    (From http://answers.yahoo.com/question/ind...)
    Posted by Socky on 17 Jan 2010. + (6) - (0) Permalink
Also nice to know is that the question was categorized as "Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgendered"
    Posted by Socky on 17 Jan 2010.
Heh heh heh! I like this one!
    Posted by JT on 17 Jan 2010.

"Is Quebec in the city of Ireland?"
    Posted by JT on 18 Nov 2010. + (3) - (1) Permalink