Who Invented Foxes?
News: After almost six months of operation and many dozens of rejections, we have finally received our first real submission from the WIF Android app!
Posted by Wrongfellow on 11 May 2015.
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I'm just an 18 year old college student at BYU who enjoys the hilarious stupidity of most people (myself included). I also have an account at Uncyclopedia under the same username.
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(while watching a music video on YouTube) Man, I wish I had eyes that were cameras and could record things.
    Posted by Necropaxx on 21 Feb 2010. + (4) - (0) Permalink
What's weird about that? I wish that all the time.
    Posted by CheddarBBQ on 21 Feb 2010.
Damn you stole my idea.
    Posted by sawblade5 on 26 Feb 2010.

"Hey, you know that song, Feeling Good?"

"Oh, yeah, Michael Bublé totally RUINED that song!"
    Posted by Necropaxx on 15 Nov 2009. + (3) - (0) Permalink
Bublé was the original artist...
    Posted by Necropaxx on 15 Nov 2009.
This reminds me of someone asking if I'd "that new band the Prodigy" when Firestarter came out, along with many people claiming that Soft Cell's "original" Tainted Love was better than Marilyn Manson's cover version.
    Posted by JT on 17 Nov 2009.

Torque wants to be mutate.
    Posted by Necropaxx on 28 Mar 2010. + (3) - (0) Permalink
I'm not sure if this counts: I wrote this in my notes during a physics lecture when I was especially sleep-deprived.
    Posted by Necropaxx on 28 Mar 2010.

I'm trying to call failure, and it plays my diddle.
    Posted by Necropaxx on 7 Apr 2010. + (1) - (1) Permalink
CS labs: innocent nerds, or secret lustings?!
    Posted by Necropaxx on 7 Apr 2010.