Who Invented Foxes?
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Posted by Wrongfellow on 11 May 2015.
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Recent changes in Science

Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former. (Albert Einstein)

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"If people like you had their way we would never have invented planes (its impossible to fly...duh) And while your at it learn to spell."

    (From http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/...)
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    Posted by CheddarBBQ on 7 Dec 2010.

News headline: "Cold Wave Linked to Temperatures"
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"Why is there 4 prongs on a fork but only 3 spaces between them?"
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"How do the phases of the moon influence tides?"
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"Scientists outside of the US have also conducted scientific research."
    (From https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kirlian...)
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"This old man on the street told me today that when two people have sex it is possible for them to produce a dog if the mother eats dog food during the growth of the zygote. apparently the dog food contains DNA that can fuse with the DNA of the zygote, mutating it, causing it to grow and function as a dog...not sure how to determine the breed though. I am with the old man and think this is highly possible. what do you think?"
    (From http://answers.yahoo.com/question/ind...)
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Q: Why will an iron nail rust?
A: If the nail is left in air it will rust because air is really water.
    Posted by JT on 3 Jan 2010. + (4) - (0) Permalink
Which is why people often swim through the air.
    Posted by Socky on 3 Jan 2010.
This can't be the whole story. If air is really water, then nobody would be worried about the sea level rising.

So, maybe water is really air, too?
    Posted by Wrongfellow on 8 Jan 2010.

"question mystery about snakes hum??? I don't mean to sound creepy or inappropriate but its something that I been bathold about for awhile now. Ok snakes have baby's right so they get pregnant right well how in the world does a snake do that when there is no way to bump and grind. how do they get pregnant or take a dump do they even have a a** hole? Do they have one or not or does this all happen and come out of there mouth because it eats right so it must have waste? and how about getting pregnant and also taking a dump? 2 Things weird huh. have you ever thought about this I did when i was watching animal planet one time."
    Posted by JT on 7 Nov 2009. + (4) - (1) Permalink
Animal Planet failed somewhat in its mission to educate, it seems.
    Posted by JT on 7 Nov 2009.
How is babby formed
How snake get pragnent
    Posted by It's you on 13 Nov 2009.
WHAT? Seriously, this guy makes NO SENSE.
    Posted by Socky on 14 Nov 2009.
    Posted by Moosh on 14 Nov 2009.
Snakes kind of brake open and the cock comes out an then it is in the girl and for some reason it looks like rape because
she tries to get away and he won't let go until he is finished.I saw it on a children's show on a children's channel in England I swear.It's true.And they don't take a crap because they don't get fat and they absorb everything.
    Posted by Ericlordloss on 10 Jan 2010.

"You can't just let nature run wild."
    Posted by JT on 13 Sep 2009. + (5) - (0) Permalink
Indeed. That would be highly unethical.
    Posted by Socky on 20 Sep 2009.

On a forum about drugs and natural highs: "Can I trip on penicillin? It's basically made of the same stuff as magic mushrooms isn't it?"
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I don't know if you can trip on it, but I'm pretty sure that when taken regularly, it results in AIDS.
    Posted by Socky on 25 Nov 2009.